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About me

Ajay Lalu is a qualified Chartered Accountant that found a passion for fine art photography from a young age,  My late father, Jayantilal (Bogo) Lalu, was an avid photographer and was my early inspiration.  I was also influenced later in life by my uncle (Dhirajlal Kassanjee) who was also a prolific photographer.  I studied photography at VEGA and my work has been published in newspapers and exhibited and won competitions.  I hope that my work provides a window to our world.....

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My aim with this site is to showcase the beauty of our planet.  Africa has so much to offer the world not only what we see as deepest darkest Africa, but a beautiful continent with some challenges but amazing landscapes, beautiful people and amazing wildlife..... 


We want the world to see the beauty of our planet and to show it in your homes, offices, hotels and even on your phones....

So shop now and have a framed limited edition fine art photograph delivered to you ready for adorning your walls. 


Ah thank YOU so much for coming to my rescue at the 24th hour and being so accommodating! You were amazing!

Really appreciate it and will most definitely recommend you and be in touch in future for some more shoots!!!!

C Toweel

The images are so evocative of the detail, textures, movement and spirit of our live event.  The black and white portraits especially capture so much of each person’s experience at the parade in unexpected and deeply creative moments .  It's inspiring to see the work and to relive the energy and vibrancy of it all through your lens. 


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